Application Type: Full Major Application

Status: see http://bit.ly/13wX2sx

Validation Date: 28-Oct-2014

Full Description: Application for full planning permission for mixed use redevelopment comprising: demolition of existing buildings and structures and erection of a part four (4), part five (5), part six (6) and part seven (7) storeys above ground level with a maximum parapet height of 30.7m AOD to provide: 126 residential units (Use Class C3), 260sq of Class A1/B1 floorspace; 1,700 of Class B1 floorspace; together with car parking; cycle parking; refuse and recycling facilities; and landscaping.

Developer: City and Suburban Homes

Architect: Hawkins Brown

Tenure : 4 affordable units and 45 private sale

Total Units: 126 Residential units

Private residential Mix:  52 one bed units, 59 two bed units, 16 three bed units and 1 four bed unit

Workspace Management: –

Workspace Total Area:  1906 sqm

 see more at http://bit.ly/13wIucw

8-6 7-3 copy


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