About Richard Brown

Richard Brown is a resident of Hackney Wick & Fish Island (HWFI), he is training to become an architect and has been actively involved in setting up self build live-work units in the area. He published a survey on the self build live-work movement in HWFI and has started a campaign on affordable and sustainable work spaces. As part of Rurban-Wick Richard guided a walk visiting some of the self build live-work units documented in his report, allowing an insight view in how they exist and operate while discussing ideas for a more sustainable self build live-work neighbourhood in HWFI.


For the London festival of Architecture 2015, Richard Brown exhibited an imagined proposal for the future development of Vittoria Wharf, one of Fish Islands most treasured creative factory complexes.

The exhibition asks, what would development look like if it were planned, designed and managed by its own community? Vittoria Wharf, Fish Island featured as one of Hackney Wick and Fish Island’s distinctive cultural factory complexes in Richard Brown’s Creative Factories 2013. However, new waves of residential led development all across Hackney Wick and Fish Island now threatens to demolish some of these factory complexes, along with their communities. This proposal takes the principles set out in Creative Factories, to depict an alternative, community led vision for Vittoria Wharf. The drawing advocates that retention of cherished industrial buildings, mixed use yards, canal moorings and encourages the creation of managed work-live housing for start-up enterprises. VITTORIA WHARF ILLUSTRATION COMPRESSEDIMG_8582


Temporary use property guardian schemes are arguably addressing a need  for short term affordable rented accommodation in London. It is a growing phenomenon which has arisen to tackle vacancy, illegal squatting and the need for affordable rented accommodation; all at the same time.

Having looked at how artist’s studio providers have used the model as form of affordable dual use live/work space(http://affordablewick.com/hr-studio-2013-14/), this case study looks at one of the many other guardian operators in London who’s criteria is open to not just the creative sector, but a wider range of tenants.

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6-9pm Fri, 12-6pm Sat & Sun 2nd & 3rd August

Arebyte Gallery, Unit 4, 49 White Post Lane, E9 5EN
The ‘Roaming Work-space’ is a 31sq ft mobile cabin on
wheels built out of reclaimed materials found in Hackney
Wick. Hosted by Arebyte Gallery for the duration of the
festival as an enclosed installation featuring the work of
Fabio Lattanzi Antinori and Nimrod Vardi on the theme
of the ‘Dream Home’. On the closing night, there will be
an evening of short films curated by Carmen Billows. The
works will be projected from within the cabin onto an
outdoor architectural surface, featuring artists working
thematically around the current urban regeneration
processes and the metropolitan area as a contested

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The ‘Conservation factory’, is an installation made for the V&A ‘Hackney Wick Take over‘ highlighting some of Hackney Wick and Fish Island’s most occupied and productive landmarks, through illustration, mapping and model making. Step inside to uncover how these innocuous buildings hide within them, secret worlds of creative production.

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