Hackney Wick Family trees, is a study which illustrates the transience of collective live-work studio occupancy in the factory complexes of Hackney Wick.


The map below shows a shared live work unit taken from Vittoria Wharf in fish Island. It charts each habitable room in the unit (excluding its work only studios), showing how over time, different artists and creative practitioners have moved in and out of the unit, to and from wide ranging places and circumstances on a global scale.

The map paints a picture of a dynamic, constantly adjusting studio environment, where young practitioners ‘try out’ a room, change room, stay or move on. From interviews conducted with the studio tenants, it is clear that it is this constant turn over of people which ensures a continued flow of energy and enthusiasm and energy in the communal units.

See below for a photo of the unit before and after its studio fit out in 2008.


Family Tree StudioJP Original Photo051

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