‘Incremental’ is an alternative proposal  for collective self-build on an industrial scale, to take place on the temporary use sites of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Incremental Scheme

The idea is to create a tool which facilitates a process much like that often seen in places like hackney Wick, where collectives are able to self-procure, build and manage a neighbourhood incrementally in an area that wasn’t expecting it.

Incremental self built olympic legacy neighbourhood

I have imagined this as a moving factory on wheels which provides that two month rent free period of an insulated shell, which allows collectives to inhabit and build their own collective ‘live-work’ world, which is then left behind by the giant moving factory as it re-starts the process on the next plot.

This is a fantasy as to how these classes might galvanise at the next level, but with artists becoming ever more informed about current legislation, and local authorities treating this demographic with increased status; it looks as though artists and developers do have more in common than meets the eye.