A custom build live work neighbourhood

Towards a Marginal & Alternative Territory

This is a Creekside development in a yet ungentrified part of London, strategically creating live/work communities with an emphasis on the flexible relationships between living and working cooperatively.The drifting creative territory has always been attracted to live and work in new ‘undiscovered’ areas which have an alternative and marginal quality. This type of grass roots regeneration has ultimately led to less accessible gentrified areas where “the stodgy remain and the hip move on”1.
Could cooperative enterprises such as ‘creative hubs’2 and ‘people’s supermarket’s’3, allow for localities to be able to maintain diversity and accessibility for businesses, irrelevant of their size or status?
Can new trends in the way we live and work, shape localities to accommodate needs for extra space and local interaction?

The new creative territory will be spatially programmed to follow current trends in ways of working and living. The term ‘live/work’ has gone through somewhat of a revival in the last two decades. Small and emerging new businesses are working more and more from home in one way or another; from business proprietors (e.g. shop keepers), to people providing services from home (e.g. hairdresser and furniture makers).4