The ‘Roaming Work-space’ is a 31sq ft cabin built out of reclaimed materials found in Hackney Wick. The cabin can be stationed at various locations in Fish Island, Hackney Wick.This work space is available for rent on a donation basis for who ever needs it. The space is small quiet and cozy, so ideally used as a digital/drawing studio work space, although we are open to negotiation on type of use.
The cabin features:
24 hour access with lockable door and lockable outside shutters for all windowsNatural light from roof lights and double glazed windows
A4 Wireless printer
2 Anglepoise Lamps
Plenty of shelves for storage
The cabin is stationed within reach of local cafes/hosts supplying food and beverages as well as wc facilities
Electric Heater
Electricity sockets
Wifi Access from local hostsThis project is part of the ‘affordable neighbourhoods campaign’ (affordablewick.com) for the design and construction and provision of affordable work space at the Olympic fringes.These kinds of mobile/temporary spaces like the cabin allow affordable rents as there is no rising land value included in its lease. Any monetary donation will simply go towards the costs to make the cabin. You may offer any non-monitary donation, whether that’s a favor  made object, made a cake, cabin decoration/repair etc. its up to you.We are keen that the space gets used as much as possible, and animates the surrounding area in a positive social/cultural wayTo find out more: info@affordablewick.com 






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