Members so far are:


  • Lee Wilshire
  • Simon Chouffot

Unit 15

  • Evert Taihuttu
  • Ashton Mullins


  • Richard Brown
  • Haidee Drew
  • Anne-Marie Taberdo

Unit 17

  • Colin Atkinson
  • Allison Walker
  • Joshua Strauss

Unit 18

  • Chris Cooper

Stour Space

  • Neil McDonald
  • Rebecca Whyte


The Vittoria Wharf cultural interest group is a newly formed community entity which reffers to the current community of artists studios in the Vittoria Wharf factory complex, Fish Island, East London.

This collection of building units has recently been listed as an ‘asset of community value’ under the new localism act. This means that if the buildings were to be put up for sale, there will be a six month period where only a not for profit community based entity will be able to purchase the buildings.

The aim is to create a regular point of contact between residents, business and practitioners in the Vittoria Wharf to discuss communal issues.

The first goal is to form a list of those residents and artists who would like to be part of the group. Ultimately, the group will need at least 21 members, although for now, the idea is simply to get people to together and being part of the group will bring no serious individual obligation, but group meetings will be encouraged as and when is necessary.


To be added to the group please send through your details and suggestions to me and I will create an email group. Please send me your full name, unit number and email address.

please send to:

This page will eventualy list the minutes of meetings and  the names of the members in attendance.

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