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1. Neptune Wharf info Revised scheme presented by David Morton (DM), Emily Read (ER) from Stock Woolstencroft, with AD the case officer also attending from LLDC. Revision to the scheme include generally a lowering of floor heights and a reduction in scale by around 1 storey. Overall the scheme includes 5% affordable housing, though in phase 1 this is around 19%.
1.1 info Whilst this massing is still on the large side and the percentage of affordable housing could as always be higher it was generally felt that with the inclusion of provision for a primary school the scheme works fairly hard for the community.The actual design of the revised elevations was still seen to be lacking in quality and their design seems to draw little from the local context. The Lofthouse Square (immediately west of the red Roach Road footbridge) building was shown as a copper box in the conceptual model though the drawn elevations here also lacked the quality that the conceptual model perhaps implied.Public space provision in the scheme seems to be improved and reasonably well considered, particularly the Lofthouse Square area seems to have been much improved.
1.2 todo It was proposed that the provision of moorings on the Hertford Union canal could be investigated as a potential site for community run residential moorings which could also manage commercial moorings fronting Lofthouse square. LW suggested a follow up with the developer to investigate further interest in this. LW
1.3 decision It is encouraged that comments are made in the application on this and any other issues before the consultation deadline. Though individuals are encouraged to submit comments a response from the sub-groups or CIG should be drafted along the following lines:The sub-group would like to see more attention paid to the elevations and a guarantee of a high standard of construction and durable high quality materials used throughout. Perhaps in light of the impact the scheme will have on the area and the local creative talent that the architects themselves acknowledge in the area a design competition could be produced both for the design of the Lofthouse square building.
2. 411-415 Wick Lane info WC has received plans from the architects of the scheme which is currently at pre-application stage. The proposals do not conform with current policy in terms of massing and though the process of pre-application is confidential the feeling is that LLDC would be unable to support a scheme that is so far a departure from current policy. RG
2.1 info It was noted that the contact with the designers at this stage is very good and that more should be done to encourage them to work with the CIG. Two copies of the plans were provided, WC has one and the second LW has in Stour Space. Digital copies might also be available from WC if requested.
2.2 info The scheme is not officially public as yet so commenting officially is also difficult. A further look at the plans over the coming week or two should be followed up with a response to the architects with some comments and the proposal of a direct meeting.
3. LLDC – IDP info the Infrastructure delivery plan is complete and though not officially published it can be accessed via the PDT committee minutes of the 28th May. Here: noted that digital infrastructure (Fibre Optic Broadband etc.) has not been included in this report. DG
4. LLDC – Local Plan info Background papers and research is currently underway with reports due in June/July and a first draft of the new Local Plan due in September. First round consultation on the plan will begin in November
4.1 todo The DRMM update to the AAP forms part of the background research. The work is progressing and EF proposed an update and presentation from DRMM to follow and present soon. EF and LW will liaise to arrange a meeting for mid july EF, LW
5. Fish Island Pocket Park idea LW motioned a proposal to create a pocket park by closing the road in front of Stour Space as is done for Hackney Wicked. This idea was met with general support from those present. GLA funding is available for projects working with a borough as well as community funded projects. LW to make some enquiries.