UNIT: Architecture Planning and Development

The Architeture, planning and Development Unit is a community based built environment consultancy, formed of local experts, professionals and community members from in and around the Olympic park area.
The aim of the group is to encourage high quality urban design and planning which responds sensitively to the emerging neighbourhood’s unique and distinctive character. These are three things which we do for the community, developers and local authorities:

1.Community engagement, led by the community

Our group is led by the community and its strong existing local networks, so we can offer thorough engagement which cuts to the point.
We sustain an on going dialogue between residents, developers and local authorities by hosting monthly meetings, talks, events and publications in order to strengthen links and forge sustainable partnerships between stake holders, the wider community and the local authority.

2.Research consultancy

The group encompasses a range of skills and expertise in research, mapping and communication on socio-economic issues facing local communities. The groups portfolio includes a range of commissioned reports and studies for local authorities which have helped to shape emerging policy as well as un earthing evidence for new and locally specific architectural typologies.

3.Architecture, design and planning

The group has expertise in the design, management and delivery of mixed use housing and workspace. Within our group we have professionals with local experience in architecture, planning, design and workspace management; all with the aim to create opportunities for diverse and balanced communities to thrive.